Easily create eBay ads for your website. Track clicks. Earn money as an eBay affiliate.

Fully compatible and swappable with the depreciated eBay Editor Kit.

Create Your Ad Now!

Quickly and easily create eBay listing advertisements for yor website. No coding required.

A perfect replacement for the depreciated eBay Editor Kit. Fully compatible with existing Editor Kit code.

Earn money as an eBay affiliate. Track clicks and view detailed statsitcs.

"I have a network of over over 300 affiliate based websites, all serving ads from the eBay Partner Network. When eBay announced they were depreciating the Editor Kit, I thought I would have to spend weeks updating my ad code. With AuctionTools.co, I was able to use all my existing Editor Kit JavaScript code. Also, I can now track clicks, which makes my life that much easier when trying to reconcile clicks versus sales at the end of the month."

Bob Parkins, Founder & CEO

Sublime Media Network